Deadly Nightshade List

Below is a list of foods I have been informed are Deadly Nightshades. It is by no means comprehensive and I am not a food specialist. I have gathered this list from a homeopathic doctor, internet research and emails with a dietician.

 Food Nightshades

·        Artichoke

·        Aubergine (eggplant)

·        Banana

·        Blueberries

·        Cayenne

·        Courgette (green and yellow types)

·        Cucumber

·        Goji berry

·        Jerusalem cherries

·        Lettuce (all lettuce family like little gem, Romanian etc.) however rocket, spinach, sweet pea, watercress, chard are fine

·        Paprika

·        Peppers (banana, bell, chili, jalapeno, wax, sweet, tai varieties)

·        Pimentos

·        Pineapple

·        Potatoes (sweet potato is a better alternative)

·        Raspberries

·        Strawberries

·        Tomato (be careful when buying sauces as most use tomato puree as a base)

·        Modified food starch (make sure you know where it comes from as corn starch is fine)

·        Yeast (but does not include farmers yeast – that is more natural and does not contain nightshade properties)

Herbs and Plants containing nightshade (you don’t have to eat these but even touching them can give you a skin reaction)

·        Acrylamide

·        Ashwagandha

·        Banewort

·        Belladonna

·        Datura

·        Devil cherries

·        Divale

·        Dwale

·        Dwayberry

·        Jimson weed

·        Mandragore

·        Mandrake

·        Nicotine

·        Petunias

·        Solanine

·        Solanum

·        Tobacco

·        Viagra (contains belladonna)

Not to be mistaken for Deadly Nightshades:

·        Black Pepper

·        White Pepper

·        Green Peppercorns

·        Sichuan Pepper

·        Long Pepper

Solanine is the common chemical shared by these foods that classes them as a deadly nightshade.  Solanine is the chemical in all nightshade plants. It can occur naturally in any part of the plant, including the leaves, fruit, and tubers. Solanine has fungicidal and pesticide properties. However, be mindful that some fruits like the blueberry are not a nightshade plant, but they do contain solanine. Other non-nightshade plants that contain solanine include huckleberries, okra, artichokes and ground cherries.

My own personal intolerances also include wheat products and I am restricted to only spelt, rye, rice, oat and corn flours so any recipes I share will use those types of flours and my serving suggestions will be either alternative vegetables or rice based products.

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