Tintagel: Where history meets Legend

A place we could not miss visiting during our family break in Cornwall was Tintagel. A place foaming with legend and history it was a pure joy visiting this quaint little place.

Tintagel: Where history meets Legend

Upon first arriving it is worth sharing that there is a small car park set beside the King Arthur Arms where you can get all day parking for £2. Something we witnessed several visitors commenting about when they walked past having just paid more for just 2-3 hours next door.

Right, so onto this beautiful place.  I love the sweet village main street, it was right up my street (pardon the pun) with several shops dedicated to pagan themes, as well as pottery, jewellery and olde world trinkets. I highly recommend visiting a shop called “Another Green World”. You don’t have to be a believer to appreciate their fabulous artwork.

Of course the main event of our visit to Tintagel was the castle associated to King Arthur and King Mark of Cornwall.  English Hertiage manage the site and they have done a brilliant job excavating the site. You can really see where the Dark Age dwellings had once been and what life would have been like on the rock.

King Arthur himself stands at the point of the rock, where you can find views resembling an exotic island far away.

A small exhibiton centre is located at the beginning of the Island explaining Tintagel’s romantic history as well as recorded history of why Richard Earl of Cornwall built his 13th century castle on the remote spot and how it influenced writers and artists alike.

There were steep climbs and breath-taking views making it all worth the effort. From the small waterfall to Merlin’s cave the Island beach is a treat too not to be missed.

Have you visited Tintagel? What would you say are the best bits?


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