The secrets of Sutton Hoo

On a dry weekend I enjoyed a trip to Sutton Hoo nestled in the Suffolk countryside. An old Anglo Saxon king is buried there in his ship with most of his treasured possessions. It lay undiscovered for almost 1400 years but unearthed on the eve of the Second World War and became one of the defining moments in the foundation of English history

A girl from Devon visits Sutton Hoe, Suffolk

Now Sutton Hoo provides a large interactive exhibition hall about the burial site and excavations that have taken place over the years. You will learn about Anglo Saxon life, about Edith Pretty who instigated the dig in 1939, and walk around the nature reserve and burial site.

A girl from Devon visits Sutton Hoe, Suffolk

Here I learnt more about the legend of Beowulf and pre-Christian culture which resonated with some personal development I am doing already. The National Trust manage the site, which is great because they host a wide range of events and workshops there, including Solstice storytelling and runes in the landscape.


Sutton Hoo has over 200 acres of countryside to explore including King’s River Café and Tranmer House that belonged to Edith Pretty. What I appreciated the most was that I could bring my dog Meg with me for the day as dogs are permitted on leads. It is also not far from Dunwich Heath and Orford Ness which are also two great beauty spots to visit.

A girl from Devon visits Sutton Hoe, Suffolk

Have you been to Sutton Hoo? I’d love to hear your experiences….


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