5 Fantastic reasons to visit Lowestoft High Street

Over the last 18 months Lowestoft High Street has been making a comeback. Locally known as ‘The Triangle’, the little square of shops is simply fantastic. Here are 5 fantastic reasons to visit Lowestoft High Street:

Star supply. Lowestoft Star Supply Stores: Catering for those with ethnic taste, wind chimes, or craft making then your first stop is Star Supply Stores. I love this shop. It is run by a father and son team and you can find some very nice decorative nic-naks in there. Ranging from wall masks, drums, wooden toys, and plenty of beading supplies (have I mentioned I make jewellery in my spare time? This place is my go-to shop for emergency supplies).

Salvina's sweet shop

Salvina’s Traditional English Sweet Shop: I love retro sweets, the penny sweets from my childhood are all here.


Merchant House Gallery: a sweet little gallery to view and buy local paintings. It may be tucked between some empty shop fronts, but being a short walk from my favourite tearoom (No Place Like Home) it is a little gem of a gallery/shop.

Wool shop. Lowestoft

A Wool Shop: A perfect place to get supplies for knitting and crocheting. Crochet is all the rage at the moment, not to mention dress making. Here you will find all the supplies you need for wool crafting, trimmings, haberdashery and some readymade items too.

Flint house

Flint House: Shopping and browsing can be pretty exhausting so you need a nice place to relax, have a cup of coffee and maybe even a delicious lunch. If you prefer something a bit more Chez than grub, then the Flint House is perfect. Gorgeous views over to the East Point, superb value for money menu, excellent staff who are warm and welcoming and an open courtyard at the rear.

Lowestoft arts centre

Lowestoft Arts Centre: housing a small selection of supplies this is a real treat for local artists to display their work. This offers a wide range of artistic skills such as wood work, ceramics and paintings. All created by local people, and the shop is normally managed by the artists themselves on a voluntary basis.

What else on Lowestoft High Street?

The Triangle Market runs every Friday and some stalls still pitch on a Saturday all day. It is a smallish shopping square easy to navigate and all these shops plus a bakery, leather goods, community centre, Chinese banquet restaurant, Samaritans shop and never forgetting, the delectable No Place Like Home tearoom.

If you like a bit of history and walking you can also visit the Scores. Small plaques are at the top of each score explaining the history and origin. These are lovely to walk around too – fascinating architecture. They are steep though but if you start from Wilde Score, onto Malters Score, Spurgens Score, finishing at Rant Score (which consequently leads to Lowestoft Bowling Alley), it is not too arduous.

Tell me: Where are your favourite places to shop in Lowestoft? Do you have any tips of what else can be found on the Lowestoft High Street?  Feel free to leave your tips in the comments.


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