International Women’s Day: Heroines

Today, 8 March 2017, is International Women’s Day. To mark the day I wanted to talk about the women who inspire me, challenge me and support me.

Emma Watson 2013Emma Watson: In interviews I have read of her she appears to be very down to earth and realistic. She advocates for women’s rights, speaks out for feminism, she champions initiatives such as HeforShe and Our Shared Shelf.  By spear-heading these things she helps women find their inner strength and realise how much potential we each hold within ourselves.  Emma inspires me to listen more, read more, and support fellow women more. My own campaign is raising awareness of mental health in the workplace and the power that comes from talking about mental health issues; I find that a lot of what I want to achieve is in parallel with the objectives Emma sets out in her campaigns. She inspires me to keep going!


Elizabeth Gilbert at TEDElizabeth Gilbert: My list of sensational women would never be complete without including Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve long read her books and yes I too found myself on the bandwagon of admiring Eat Pray Love.  That book alone has helped me many times – to collect myself, to find my inner voice, to challenge my beliefs, to challenge my behaviour, to commit myself to taking better care of myself. Her podcasts, Facebook posts, her website and books keep me developing emotionally and creatively.  Reading Big Magic helped me set up this blog differently, to focus more on positive eating while living with diet restrictions. To me, she is one of my heroes, advocating to just “be yourself” – be your best self.

Nigella Lawson booksigningNigella Lawson:  When I first discovered my food intolerances I was met with two core emotions; relief that ‘finally I have an answer’ and despair ‘what am I going to eat now’ because it was a long list of intolerant foods.  After about eight months trying to adapt recipes and throwing out many of my cook books because they barely contained recipes I could eat anymore, I came across Nigella’s website. Filled with alternatives – alternative flour, alternative diary, and alternative vegetables. It was not a case of everything had tomato or potato within it.  She was my food saviour and her book Simply Nigella is my kitchen staple.


davinaDavina McCall: I grew up watching ‘Streetmate’ and thought she was quirky. Since then I have grown up and in that time I experienced significant weight gain and then loss; mental chatter and then stability; and now I am trying to improve my diet even more by attempting sugar-free alongside no nightshades or wheat.  Davina’ fits in to this summary by providing some brilliant exercise DVD’s that I found actually worked! Cook books with recipes I can eat AND enjoy! Plus she takes the time to talk with normal people online – whether it was through her Nice For Better Life page, her twitter or her website This is Davina.  Like it not, Davina provides great motivation, tips and advice worth following.



mumJune Cosham: She doesn’t have a fancy website, she doesn’t use social media (apart from Facebook in the last few months); but she emails – essay worthy emails to me every day. Emails that contain words of support, comfort, motivation or general reminders of what I forgot to do the other day. June is my mum. My best friend.  I have letters from her written when I was a child going through bullying and letters from her when I moved away filled with advice and budgeting schedules and pearls of wisdom.

Who are you honouring on International Women’s Day? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear.


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