Delicious review: Biddy’s, Norwich

Since moving to the coast and working on the outskirts of Norwich, it is a nice treat to venture into the city itself. When I do I like to make the most of it by including sustenance.  Here’s my review of Biddy’s Tearoom from a recent trip. 

Meeting up with my cousins we decided on Biddy’s due to the great reviews from colleagues. Their website raves about big portions, freshly made food, renowned scones to die for; and if you can’t finish they pack it up for you to take home. 

I believe it is very good marketing. It certainly works on most people as it is very popular. 

Let’s start with the good: 

  • Alice in wonderland quotes
  • Interesting history of biddy’s presented as part of the menu in a short book
  • Low lighting downstairs, nice bright lighting upstairs
  • Old fashion, comfy leather armchairs (downstairs) 
  • Sweet tea maids and trolley
  • Friendly staff and quick service 
  • Gluten free options 

But there were some disappointments: 

  • Had run out of hot chocolate so it came off the menu (who runs out of hot chocolate in winter!) 
  • No pork pies. Apparently this is a best seller and big customer draw, but clearly they don’t make sufficent for their bookings.
  • Their booking system is confusing. You have to select either afternoon tea or halfternoon tea, but what if you want something else? Well you adjust your order when you arrive. But surely I should be able to reserve a table without making a menu choice? 
  • I had the Hafternoon Tea for one. I was expecting big portions and at least two filling options. I got one sandwich messily cut into three slices. One filling. 
  • The scone was dry and average sized, not “huge and filling” as described. As it was dry it was difficult to eat without it caking to my teeth. 

In summary, it was lovely catching up with my family. The company made the experience enjoyable. The food was underwhelming but I did still find it tasty overall. A slice of cake and a drink is worth the trip if you don’t book and just walk in; brutlly honest though, I’d walk up the road to the Waffle House next time I’m in the city. 


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