4 great reasons to visit Thorpeness, Suffolk

One of my favourite day trips at a weekend is to Thorpeness near Alborough just up the A12.  The village was originally a small fishing hamlet in the late 19th century, with folklore stories of it being a route for smugglers into East Anglia.


My favourite feature of the village is a set of almshouses built in the 1920s to the design of W.G. Wilson. To hide the eyesore of having a water tower in the village, the tank was clad in wood to make it look like a small house on top of a 5-storey tower, with a separate water-pumping windmill next to it. It is known as the House in the Clouds and available to rent as a holiday home.


An artificial lake called the ‘meare’ is used as a boating lake. It was created, with many of its inspirations coming from a personal family friend, J. M. Barrie, who wrote ‘Peter Pan’.


Around the lake there are several channels with landings marked with names of the Peter Pan theme. Tiny islands on the Meare contain locations found in J. M. Barrie’s novel such as the pirate’s lair, Wendy’s home, and many others which children are encouraged to play on.


When visiting Thorpeness, I tend to take a walk for lunchtime down to the neighbouring village, Alborough.  It is a lovely walk along the open beach of about 3-4 miles, you can tell you are there when you reach the Clam Shell on the beach make by a local artist.


Alborough is another little village special in its own right, with its Tudor beam houses and links to Benjamin Britton.


Where is your favourite Suffolk village to visit? Let me know in the comments and I will happily add it to my list for visiting.


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