Have you heard about the group #KindConfetti?

One of my most popular posts and quotes on this blog has been “spread kindness around like confetti” which inspired me to take my support of #secretnotes further.

Kindness can take many forms from a post it note left randomly for a stranger to sending a birthday card to someone who doesn’t get many.  I began thinking more and more about this when I first saw a post in my old home facebook group (Exmouth Community) about a boy called Ollie with autism who was making his own birthday cards because he only has his mum and gets very few. I sent a card and by the end of that week his mum’s post had gone viral; over the month he received over 8,000 birthday cards and spawned a new facebook group “cards 4 all”.  In the meantime several of my friends circulated a post about a book exchange and another called ‘pay it forward’ both basically requiring you to comment on their post and then being sent an address to send a gift/book to.

All nice things, all spreading a little kindness to others; on the back of it all I created my own Facebook group called #KindConfetti.

The purpose of the group is to share information about any community events encouraging others to celebrate together, highlight a neighbour or someone they know who may like a visitor to chat with, sharing any secret notes they leave somewhere, share ideas of spreading kindness in the local area and basically to collaborate.  There is a few of us at the moment and it would be lovely to welcome others to join in.

This is my way of taking #secretnotes further, to enhance what I do for those around me and my town, it is even nicer to share the experiences with others and team up too.

Come join the fun: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1775734256001819/


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