Cupcakes and Bubbles

I love the indulgence of cupcakes, it’s an addiction! So I was very excited when a new tea room opened in Norwich, Cupcakes and Bubbles. 

During that hazy period between Christmas and New Year I caught up with a friend. We headed straight to C&B for a treat and we weren’t disappointed.  

Front of house is a small selection of wines and champers to take home as well as speciality teas and indulgent candles. All staff were friendly and helpful.  

We started with the days special, blinis smoked salmon and cream cheese plus some bubbles. 

I’m not a drinker most of the time and coming from Devon I’m more accustomed to cider than wines but, after some helpful suggestions by the owner, I thoroughly enjoyed a glass of rosè. 

We also had extras. My friend enjoyed a festive Ginger and Latte cupcake and I had homemade scone with jam and clotted cream. DELICIOUS.

In fact we were so eager to get stuck in that we both forgot to photograph it! Oh well… perfect excuse to visit again. And, great evidence that it was so tasty that you forget 21st century habits and get stuck in with the enjoyment.  

Discover more about Cupcakes and Bubbles on their website. Booking is recommended as it’s no surprise it is popular. 


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