Delicious: Year in Review

Delicious food with A Girl from Devon

2016 has been for me a very tasty year. Here I look back at the most popular Delicious recipes and posts from 2016.

Breakfast Bars 2.0 How easy are these to make. These are so often in my lunch bag for a quick snack on the go!

Mars bar Trifle: What a treat this rich dessert is. This is a common favourite at summer garden parties and isn’t a chore to make, leaving you stress free to socialise with you guests!

Crunchy Cutlets: Totally nicked from the fabulous Nigella Lawson, I exchanged her plain cornflakes for honeynut cornflakes, paprika for mixed spice and garlic for ginger.

Rice Bowls: Another Nigella inspiration and a great lunch indulgence. I have used this often throughout the year for day trips where there is no guarantee I can find a place to eat.

Apple and Cinnamon Overnight Oats: Another regular option for me. Overnight oats are the simplest and easiest breakfast I have found by far. Enjoyed on the move (visiting London or Manchester) or delicious sat at my desk before I start my day!

Rainbow Stir fry:  This post surprised me with its popularity. Personally my favourite stir fry is Peanut Butter Chicken, which also features on Foodie Network, but Rainbow Stir Fry is just as yummy and filling.

Let’s not forget the two most popular advice notes too.  I am honored that others liked my suggestions about eating in season and 3 tips for nightshade free lunches.

What have been your favourite Delicious posts on A Girl From Devon? I’d love to hear your feedback of what you would like to see in 2017. 


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