Delicious breakfast hash

If like me you find that some evenings you are short on time and need something quick to turn to, this delcious breakfast hash recipe is great.

Inspired by Essentials Magazine cookery section the original contained lots of red and green peppers and onions. I took those out and came up with a more subtle hash but still packing a punch!

The flavour comes from the sausages, so if you want something tasty then I recommend cumberland sausages. I swapped the regular potato for sweet potato – which takes half the cooking time.

Delicious breakfast hash

Delicious Breakfast hash

A Girl From Devon delicious breakfast hash recipe

If you are feeling adventurous you can throw in a small teaspoon of lemongrass. If you are not nightshade sensitive then add a clove or squeeze of garlic.  Personally I dash mine with some basic ground black pepper (if I opt for standard or cheap sausages).

I’d love to hear if you give this a try and how it turns out.  Quick, Simple, No Hassle!


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