Delicious Cider in Chicken

I have a bit of a Sunday morning cookery crush – Nigel Slater. He comes up with some awesome recipes in his cottage and I always feel hungry after watching his programme.  This following recipe I downloaded and there was very little tampering to remove the ingredients I cannot eat.

Delicious Cider in Chicken

Delicious chicken in cider

A Girl From Devon enjoys delicious Chicken in Cider

For those who know me, I love my cider.  Not surprising growing up in Devon very close to the famous Darts Farm notorious for their scrumpy.  I enjoy this recipe frequently as part of my meal planning (at least once a month).

In the recipe card I noted where I venture away from the original recipe. Using leeks and fillet over red onion and thighs barely makes a difference to a very enjoyable original.

When I have been pressed for time in the evening I have also done this in my slow cooker – adding cider and stock together, putting in all the ingredients except for the apple slices. I add those 15 minutes before I serve so they just soften and don’t mush down.

I’ve also tried this with various ciders. It doesn’t really impact the cooking of this dish at all, merely the taste which is personal – do you like dry or sweet cider? My preference so far has been a crisp dry cider so that it still has some kick. The sweeter cider gives you only a hint of the appley flavour in the chicken.

I’d love to know if you try this and whether you make any personal touches to it.

Enjoy! x


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