Delicious Almond Lentil Stew

I know we are now in the throws of Spring and soon Summer, desiring light food. But I’ve been reflecting on what I enjoyed most during winter and this tasty stew apparently became a regular in my meal planning.

Delicious Almond Lentil Stew

Delicious Lentil Stews

A Girl From Devon indulged in delicious Almond and Lentil stew

Sometimes I feel like something wholesome and not necessarily meat based. This was a great alternative mid week, packed with vegetable goodness.  One alteration I did make to the above recipe card, was I swapped the celery stick for some chunks of celeriac equal to the quantity of turnip.

You can also make this in the slow cooker. I added everything to the pot with some extra stock, set it to low for 4 hours and I held back the mushrooms and added them 30 minutes before the end. Remember mushrooms absorb water so if soaked they turn everything black and they end up tasteless and mushy. Yuk!

A great recipe to keep in mind when Autumn comes round 🙂


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