3 Tips to Nightshade free lunches

Having a nightshade free diet can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.  Most of the time, at home, I can cook something from scratch, including the sauces etc.  I am finding it easier to eat out too now that most restaurants and bars provide sweet potato fries instead of chips or have something with rice and not pasta.  The trick I have is finding a packed lunch for work. So here are A Girl From Devon’s

3 tips to nightshade free packed lunches

1. Bread alternatives: the easiest packed lunch by far is a quick sandwich and a packet of crisps, but that are not friendly to me (I can’t eat wheat or gluten free products either). So my option is rice cakes.  To keep them crisp I take them in a separate pot to my filling. I make my own sandwich fillings such as chicken and bacon mayonnaise; corn beef and chutney; pate; or avocado and tuna.  Most of those fillings can be made in advance, kept in a pot of their own and easily spread over at your desk.

2. No on site kitchen: My place of work provides a canteen so there are no separate (accessible) microwaves to use for a hot meal. I got pretty tired of cold stir fry pretty damn quickly. I invested in this amazing food warmer.  I can find a socket to plug it into and within 2 hours my (precooked) meal is piping hot and ready to eat.  This has been my number one lunch saver!  Not only great for stir fries and stews but also good for warming homemade soups.

3. Travel Snack pots: On day trips I need something quick, easy and disposable so I make tasty snack pots.  Usually all piled into a disposable container, I include some chicken pieces (or fried tofu pieces); nuts (normally almonds); cheese cubes (I love Gouda over cheddar); and carrot sticks.  I’ve also done pots with olives and Italian meats.  These are lightweight to carry around and don’t sour when they have been out of the fridge travelling for a little bit.

Tell me: What are your favourite lunches to take to work or on a day trip that are no hassle and nightshade free?  Place your recommendations in the comments – I love to share!


4 thoughts on “3 Tips to Nightshade free lunches

  1. The last time I went out I made this: https://pepsfreefromkitchen.wordpress.com/2015/02/27/lebanese-garlic-and-tahini-chicken/ the night before and had it with cold pasta. It was a real lifesaver since I can’t eat out. If you’re ever in need of nightshade and gluten free recipes please do drop by the blog. All recipes are nightshade and gluten free as a standard. It’s really great to see posts from other nightshade sufferers as it seems to be a really under-represented intolerance.


  2. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I found it so difficult to find reliable recipes and nightshade information that it seemed easier to create my own space to share my experience and adaptations.

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