What can Samaritans do for you?

As we enter 2016 most people will be setting resolutions or facing the New Year as a new beginning. For some that can be harder, many people feel stressed and worried about many different aspects of their lives and often have nowhere to turn and confide.

You could be a young person worried about impending exams, relationships or a family breakup. An older person might have financial, job or retirement worries; while a pensioner might be depressed as a result of living alone.  Many people suffer physical, mental or emotional illnesses and do not know who they can confide in, without any judgement or opinions.

Samaritans offer a confidential listening service 24/7 for anyone wishing to telephone, email, and text or write a letter.  If you prefer to talk to somebody face to face, you can also visit your local branch. Samaritans will not offer advice, but gives you an opportunity to talk through alternative options.

Sometimes, the person contacting Samaritans may have harmed themselves, or even be so desperate that they are thinking about ending their lives. Whatever they are going through, Samaritans are here to listen.


The organisation is always looking for new volunteers for the very worthwhile and rewarding work of listening. However, you can become involved in different ways, as a fully trained listening Samaritan; branch support; or through fundraising.

For a potential volunteer, the first step would be to attend an Information event to see if you would be interested in the work. If you wish to learn more, you would have an interview.  Afterwards, if the Branch Recruitment Officer feels you are ready and after you have understood the information gained by now and still feel you want to continue you begin training.  Samaritans training is excellent, and is uniform throughout Britain. The training really prepares a volunteer for the constant variety of callers that come through. The volunteer will then have a mentor for an agreed period and then qualify as a provisional volunteer for six months before finally becoming fully qualified. Branch volunteers are all extremely helpful and supportive.

If you would be interested in finding out more please contact your nearest branch to find out their next Information Event.

Although everyone gives their time freely, it still costs several thousands to run a branch so different methods of fund raising are always being sought, and you can donate to your specific local branch as well as Samaritans nationally.

If you are worrying about life, just remember that you can talk to a Samaritan by calling 116 123 (free call) at any time or send an email to jo@samaritans.org.uk


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