Delicious: Rice Bowls

For years when I stopped having sandwiches for lunch at work I found myself drifting to having ‘rice pots’ cold each day. The normal staple was taking some instant savoury rice either golden or vegetable and adding either prawns or flaked salmon to it.  It remains one of my lazy meals after a hectic day. There is of course, more than instant rice and prawns for a delicious rice bowl.

Over the past year I have been discovering all the different types of rice there are – risotto, paella, basmati, long grain white and long grain brown, short grain white and brown.  There is a huge range out there.  When I make a curry I like to take some basmati rice and add desiccated coconut to that I find really brings out the flavour of the curry.

Discovering rice bowls all over again, my favourite from Simply Nigella has been the following (untouched and unmodified)

DEVONSHIRE Delicious Rice bowls


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