#CharityTuesday Nelsons Journey

My place of work runs a charity calendar each year. Staff nominate a charity they want the Council to support and we democratically vote for those nominated until we arrive at 10. Those charities are then scheduled across the year for some focused fundraising around the offices.

Fundraising varies from cakes sales to auctions.  In my spare time I make jewellery and occasionally I will donate some of my creations to be raffled off.  One of the charities nominated is Nelsons Journey.

In the mid 1990’s a group of social workers attended a social services training course at Caistor Hall, Caistor St Edmunds, Norwich where they learnt about Winston’s Wish, a charity supporting bereaved children in Gloucestershire. Several people attending the course including some who had personal experience of supporting bereaved children felt strongly about the need to develop a similar service in Norfolk and as a result, Nelson’s Journey was born and registered as a charity in November 1997. You can find out more about the charity at their website: http://www.nelsonsjourney.org.uk

I’m proud to support this charity, even if its only donating a raffle gift.


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