Delicious: Crunchy Cutlets

I don’t know about you but recently I have been watching Simply Nigella on BBC2. I quickly discovered that I would need a notebook and pen while watching and it was best to record it so I could keep going back to make sure I jotted everything I needed. Then I’d watch it all over again to enjoy the programme!

I was thrilled to find that Nigella had included recipes I could eat (or very easily adapt) for my nightshade and wheat free diet. This is the first time I have properly been introduced to Nigella and her cooking. A fine, mouth-watering experience to say the least!

I particularly loved her recipe for crunchy chicken cutlets. Although Nigella’s recipe includes paprika and garlic – both nightshades, I adapted it a little. I swapped the paprika for mixed spice and the garlic for some (lazy) ginger. I also didn’t have any chicken in so I swapped that for turkey steaks and the plain cornflakes for honey nut cornflakes which made it taste a little sweeter but the heat from the mixed spice and ginger balanced it.  I served it with some broccoli florets and steamed carrots.

Download my recipe below, or visit Nigella’s original recipe on the BBC website.  I’m sure there will be a few more of her recipes making their way into this blog!

Delicious crunch cutlets


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