5 Best coffee shops in Lowestoft

When I first moved to Lowestoft the town was vibrant and every shop space filled with a local business. As the years progressed and the economic crisis hit the town it slowly ebbed. However I like to see the positives of Lowestoft and it still has plenty to offer within the town.  Today I want to share with you my top 5 local cafes worth making the effort to visit.

  1. Tides Reach: Located right on the sea front between South Pier and Claremont Pier; this intimate café is wonderful. A family run business offering a range of speciality teas and coffee’s (my Dad loves the peanut butter Brisket Latte and I love the white hot chocolate with cream), homemade cakes, ice-cream sundaes, healthy breakfasts and sandwiches. Here you will find a little bit Lowestoft seaside history and some spiritual retreat. Tides Reach runs a weekly meditation class at 6:30pm on Tuesdays, sells a range of pagan items, hosts spiritual evenings/readings. Granted, this may not be to everybody’s taste but the atmosphere is warm, friendly and in no way “in your face spiritual”, it is a lovely place to come sit and find some peace and quiet with nourishing food and refreshments.  Discover more on Tides Reach Tea Rooms page. #1 recommendation Tides Reach, Lowestoft
  • Update: Tides Reach Tea Rooms closed in January 2016. There are several other small tea rooms along the beach prom that are seasonal. Once they open I will venture to them for another review.
  1. The Coconut Loft: Specialising in Italian coffee and Ice Cream it prides itself by being not only a comfortable and welcoming café but also an affordable art gallery. Showcasing local artists it also runs regular events with authors and exhibitions. The coffee lounge is central leading to two art galleries in a vibrant space. It is no wonder why so many local groups use it as a meeting place to explore new topics and make new friends.  To find out what events are running you are best taking a look at their websiteCoconut Loft, Lowestoft
  1. Desmond’s: If you like a bit of eccentricity, pizza and thick milkshakes then this place is definitely for you. Desmond is a vibrant character offering a quirky but warm welcome to customers. You cannot miss him on London Road South as his exterior is bright lime green.  During the daytime the best element of Desmond’s is his ice-cream milkshakes in wide ranging flavours. If you fancy stopping for a bit he has an eclectic display of books to read. In the evening Desmond’s becomes a yummy pizzeria all freshly made on site. Discover more on Desmond’s page Desmonds, Lowestoft
  1. Coffee Heart: A family run café launched just over 2 years ago providing a nice open space to relax while you are here shopping. Situated at the top of London Road North just before you get to the Triangle, it provides delicious gluten free (homemade) cakes; luxury coffee’s, in addition, local crafts people have some of their produce on display around the shop. Coffee Heart run special events too (including star wars themed activities which is my personal favourite). Discover more on their page Coffee Heart, Lowestoft
  1. No Place Like Home: I consider this tea-room to be a gem of Lowestoft. Newly discovered but I am thrilled that I found it one wet Sunday afternoon. The shop is inconspicuous from the street but once inside it is so vibrant in colour. The tea-room is run by a lovely, friendly lady who lives at the back of the shop with her husband. It has a vintage feel, filled with old style china (some available to purchase) handmade wooden boxes, homemade cakes under vintage glass domes, old style picture frames (also some available to purchase). The hot chocolate was creamy, but the tea-room specialises in teas. In addition to the tea-room service they also run special events such as history talks and walks around the Scores; host afternoon tea parties and receptions. Discover more on their page. #1 recommendation

no place like home, Lowestoft

COME ON NOW DISH! What is your favourite coffee shop or café to visit in or near to Lowestoft? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.


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