Giving Kindness to Suffolk Redwings Horse Sanctuary

At the beginning of the year (2015) I decided I wanted to be much more mindful and kinder.  I decided that one way to achieve that is supporting charities more; either with my time or with donations.  One of my favourite local charities to support is Redwings Horse and Donkey Sanctuary.

My nearest Redwings are based in Fritton, Suffolk but they have 5 sanctuaries (Ada Cole in Essex, Aylsham in Norfolk, Caldecott in Norfolk, Mountains Horse Sanctuary in Scotland, Oxhill Centre in Warwickshire, and Hapton Headquaters), making them one of the largest horse sanctuaries in the UK helping over 1500 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

Redwings rehome and adopt horses, I’m seriously considering to adopt one of them. It is lovely going there wondering the fields and petting them.  Redwings have 100 volunteers who investigate cases of cruely and neglect across the UK but they are always looking for more volunteers to help at the centres.

Redwings is a really fun place, you can tell because of their rescue operations! Their largest rescue operation took place in Buckinghamshire in 2008 where working with other organisations to remove 97 equines from a site in one day taking 55 of those rescued into their Sanctuary and had six foals born. The biggest ever intake in one day was from Lincolnshire in 2004 where they took in an incredible 72 ponies in one day! Equines coming to Redwings as part of a big rescue are given names with a theme. For example some of the ponies from Lincolnshire were named after cheeses and curries, while those rescued from Caerphilly in 2013 were named after famous detectives and comic villains!

Do you have a favourite charity to support? Share a story in the comments and by all means post a link for readers to find out more or donate.  Redwings website is

Kindness costs nothing but a thought and a small action

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