Recommending Hopes Notes and Banana boats

I’ve previously written about the wonderful #SecretNotes movement set up by two amazing women in London (Marie-Rose and Urszula) hosted on the twitter account @OneMansNote Now they are taking it one step further and have set up this brilliantly inspiring blog Hopes, Notes and Banana Boats

If you love spreading happiness and kindness around like confetti then please take a look at their blog and maybe even join the #SecretNotes campaign. The beauty of Secret Notes is they are anonymous, you can be a kindness ambassador for others without the pressure to be noticed yourself.

Have you ever found a note? I was thrilled when I found my first, it was like discovering a new comrade and reassuring that I’m not the only crack-pot out there. The note itself lifted my spirits too as I’d had a day full of self-doubts, the message was something I needed that day.

Do you leave notes? I leave them not for myself or to make me feel good (that’s a bonus), because I never truly know whether the note will have any impact at all, would it annoy somebody having a bad day? Would it simply end up in the rubbish? Or would it help somebody? I leave them with the hope that the note inspires or lifts somebody. I post the note to OneMansNote as part of the campaign, but I don’t expect a social “pat on the back” or a dowsing of praise – how wonderful am I?! No, I simply leave them for others to enjoy and to focus on others rather than myself.

Sharing #SecretNotes with you is hope that someone else might join the movement of quiet kindness. I joined the movement as a way of spreading more positivity in my community, focusing on the areas hit by devastating floods (December 2013), help make me feel like I was contributing to the recovery rather than feel so hopeless that I couldn’t offer any physical solution for them. Won’t you join us?



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