Amazing English Language

Don’t you just love the English language? I do, and I hate some of the trends that are coming forward abbreviating everything all the time. It started with text speak merging numbers in place of letters and now slang words are changing too thanks to reality TV like TOWIE. But I love traditional English language. The proper old-skool language from the Virgina Wolfe and DH Lawrence eras, so here is a lovely little article recounting 19 amazing English words that have been forgotten

I occasionally find myself being a bit of a Twirlblast going around the house to Scurryfunge before visitors arrive at my house, and anyone who knows me well knows that I consider myself to have Uglyography. I hope to avoid being Ultracrepidarian most of the time but I sure do have my moments! I plan NEVER to have cause to Feague a horse but I do plan to take up riding lessons. My house is full of Trumpery items as I do love a bargain but I am getting better at improving my taste. If I were Queen for a day I sure would Empurple everywhere and encourage others to do so too (lets make it a movement anyway!), my Dad is a Pilgarlik but I love him anyway and thankfully I have not once experienced Crapulence despite trying in my twenties.


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