#secretnotes Ambassador (or something similar)

So I have told you already about the fantastic work of #SecretNotes by @Onemansnote, they have taken their notes campaign even further by setting up a wonderful website featuring all sorts of goodies.

When setting it up, OneMansNote approached their followers on Twitter and asked those who have lefts notes (or discovered notes and tweeted about them) to answer a few short questions.  I did mine and you can read it here: “Always remember that you are braver than you believe

I am really excited about where they are going to take this project of theirs, and I am really quite chuffed to be a part of it.  Not in a self-indulgent/”aren’t I great” kinda way, more about how such a great idea can be taken into communities to improve quality of life or to fight against the ever increasing internet negativity and trolling.  Lets face it, when you have Katie Hopkins in the world, you need something to fight back with – and kindness or secret notes are a pretty effective weapon to have at your disposal.  I’m chuffed to be a part of it so that I can help encourage others to get involved too.

It’s not about me, it is about all those out there that are having a crappy day and need a little lift to keep them going.



2 thoughts on “#secretnotes Ambassador (or something similar)

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