Delicious: Coconut and Kale

kale coconut

Ever since not being able to eat Nightshades I have missed curries. Nearly all curries are tomato based or contain peppers and other Nightshades.  So when I found this I was delighted. It is not a ‘hot’ curry, it is mild and reminds me of tai curry probably because of the coconut.

I use cumin powder and turmeric powder from my spice rack, it is really filling too.  I have done this in the slow cooker – all the ingredients in there apart from the yogurt and chutney. I drain the kale etc when its finished cooking and put the leftover stock in a pan add a dash of coconut milk, chutney and yogurt and simmer for 5 minutes stirring continuously so that the yogurt doesn’t curdle.  If you want it thicker I would use cornflour.

* I noticed on the recipe card that I removed the tomato puree from the ingredients list but forgot to remove it from the method stage 1.  I apologise. I never add it because it is a Nightshade. The curry taste delicious without it like a tai-green curry.


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