Mindfulness and self-healing

Over the years I have taken an interest in mindfulness. I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was at school, a consequence of bullying and feeling isolated. During exams I drifted into the realm of cutting myself too. I have been harm free for almost 6 years now but I view it as an addiction like alcoholism, you can stop drinking but you remain an alcoholic.  I still have days when the temptation or need to cut is overwhelming but I can now control that urge.  The most successful method I have found to do that is through mindfulness, it started with meditation and visualisation.

During the time I have researched mindfulness I have discovered that it is more than just meditating. There is conscious thinking, gratitude and focusing on positive feelings, ignoring negative feelings. Making jewellery is a form of mindfulness. When I am creating something I am so focused on the task that I don’t think of anything else – mindfulness.

Earlier this year I read The Secret, The Magic and The Power – all focused on gratitude practice and focusing on feelings.  Most of my friends are aware that I had some terrible neighbours. I was sleep deprived all the time and at Christmas I was desperate the move and considered giving up and moving back in with my parents.  I felt that would have been a gigantic failure of mine but I was THAT desperate.  Then at Easter those neighbours moved out. It has been bliss ever since but the house is not up for sale, just empty.

Last night they came back, it could be just for one night and they happened to have their dogs with them. Before discovering the advantages of gratitude and conscious thinking I would have panicked. Switched straight to anxiety and freaked out, consider going round to my parents for the night. But instead I took three big breaths. I did a 3 minute mindfulness of breath and went to sleep. This morning I felt lighter and positive. I concentrated cleaning my teeth mentally saying THANK YOU for all the wonderful things and people in my life. I also concentrated my feelings to feel happy about having new peaceful neighbours.

“Say thank you as though you already have what you want”

Rhonda Byrne (The Magic)


The key principle for the Law of Attraction – to attract what you want you must be grateful, you need to act like you already have achieved what you want, including holding the feelings you expect to feel when you have that in your life.  Like attracts Like, so I am showing kindness and gratitude to everyone and everything to bring about my peaceful summer in my garden with no noisy neighbours.

If I can work for me, it could work for you!


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