Knowing me. Knowing you

Were you named after anyone? Yes I was named after my mother’s Nan – Anastacia but my Mum thought the name would be too old fashioned when I was growing up so she switched it around to Stacy-Ann. Hence I have no ‘e’ in my names, and when I decided to start selling all the jewellery I was making, I wanted to bring Anastacia into it somehow – that is why my business is called Annastacia by Stacy

What movie would your friends be surprised that you like? Legally Blonde!  Historically I hate chic-flicks. I find them superficial and patronising and much prefer sci-fi, thrillers or action films. All my girlfriends say my film collection is too butch. But when I am having a crisis of self-belief I will watch Legally Blonde and watch my confidence slowly walks itself back to me. It is my feel-good film.

What are your favourite smells? Summer rain, fresh cut grass and sweet flowers like jasmine.  Basically anything scent that takes me emotionally into the summer.  I suffer with SAD and find Autumn and Winter really difficult, but I am getting better at appreciating that time of the year. But Spring and Summer are my mental health sanctuary

Mountains or Beach? Growing up in a coastal town (Exmouth in Devon) I cannot live very far from a beach. I will always take a walk there when I need to clear my head. But I hate beach holidays, I find them boring.  I much rather be hiking a mountain (Peak District or Lake District are my favourite staycations) so probably both – I can’t decide!

Do you go to restaurants and movies by yourself? Yes. Although not restaurants.  I am getting better at stopping at cafes on my own but eating a whole meal on my own I find intimidating.  There is nothing more that I love than going to the movies by myself though. It is my time be myself to watch the films I enjoy (and my girlfriends hate)

What is your favourite fairy tale or childhood story? Hans my Hedgehog.  Growing up I vividly remember watching John Hurt as the Storyteller by the fireside. This German folktale is my favourite, it taught me that nothing in this world is ugly and everyone can make a choice to love and accept those who are different.

Do you like your handwriting? When I make the effort to write purposefully I like my handwriting. Writing letters by hand is something I like to do when practicing mindfulness and it is nicer than sending an email

What would you tell the 13 year old you? Do not give up, it gets better and you will survive this.  I was bullied extensively at school, it pushed me to breaking points, it drove me to actions I am not proud of and I spent a lot of my adolescence in a very angry state of mind.  But I have come through the other side and now I can appreciate that experience as helping me develop my character. It has taught me to show kindness to others no matter how they make me feel.


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