Have you ever heard of Happify?  I’ve discovered the website recently since becoming more and more interested in living life through gratitude and searching for tools to help me gain the feeling of gratitude instead of paying lip-service.  happify.com is a brilliant website including daily targets and exercises.

I love their simplicity to explain Happiness can be achieved through the framework called S.T.A.G.E (Savour, Thank, Aspire, Give, Empathise). I recommend you read the full article.

I’ve also been practicing mindfulness since last year taking up regular meditation and being more present in the activities I complete.  The Happify guide “7 ways to be more mindful in your every day life” is a great start if you are tempted to try it.  One of the earliest exercises I learnt when starting mindfulness was how long it takes to eat a raisin and really appreciate it – for me one raisin took 20 minutes! I take even longer when its one cube of chocolate!

Let me know if you take a look and what you think…



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