A Girl From Devon

With a passion for photography, travel and eating that stems from childhood, I’m excited to share with you my adventures!

The idea behind A Girl From Devon began when I was diagnosed with food intolerance. I never had allergies to food before, I love food and cooking, so I was pretty downcast when I discovered just how many foods are part of the Deadly Nightshade family.  I googled lots about nightshades and the results were minimal and alternative foods were not common in the UK. So I decided to first of all share what I was learning about nightshades and how I adapt recipes to avoid them.  You can find a helpful little list under Deadly Nightshades.  You can follow my recipes under Delicious Balance.

As I turned 30 in 2014 life became much more focused on doing good for others; actively and proactively living more mindfully, with gratitude and sincerity. Using social media a lot in my job I came across several digital #kindness projects, namely One Mans Note on Twitter and I leaped right into it. My way of spreading more kindness to others is by sharing my actions and ideas. You can follow all those things and inspirations under Thoughtful Balance.

Finally, I love to travel. Whether it is abroad or discovering more about the place I live, I like to bring together my thoughtful balance and my delicious balance by way of reviewing where I travel. It is also a great opportunity to indulge my love of photography too! You can join me on my travels under Blissful Travel.

I believe the answer to living your best life lies in doing good, spreading kindness, experiencing as many places as possible, all with a full belly!

Come and join me on this crazy path of discovery and feel free to share your experiences too x

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